iProVid is working on a new website for local Galway alternative health practitioner Denise Delaney who runs a clinic in the city. Denise offers acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, massage, lymphatic drainage and Chinese herbal medicine. The site brief was to be fresh, clean and modern with a responsive design that would work on laptops, tablets and smartphones. There was a lot of technical information that needed to be available to visitors to the site without overloading the reader. We approached that through the use of an FAQ section as well as a comprehensive list of ailments and conditions that her therapy is aimed at.

Using a new framework for the site iProVid has put together a new look with an expandable format. One of the most exciting things is that the client, Denise, can now post her own articles and projects direct to her site without the need to go via us as web designers. With a bit of tuition showing her the online tools Denise will be able to author her own content very soon.

Visit her website here: www.denisedelaneytherapy.com

We also set her up with a new Twitter account which you can follow here : www.twitter.com/delaneytherapy