Before Christmas 2015 a pop-up Christmas shop appeared upstairs at Texaco in Spiddal County Galway. This was run by Emma Allen who put together a collection of gift, decorations, art work and jewellery for the Christmas market. She made the place look very inviting with lots of Christmas decorations.

For the video promotion first of all I did some outside shots on a very cold wintry day then moving towards the front entrance and the stairs finally arriving in the shop itself. This was later edited to compress time showing the location and the way upstairs to where she was. I then started to film the items for sale using panning, monopod and sliding techniques. At one stage I tried to do a jib shot without actually having a jib with me. This was done using a monopod on extremely long extension lifting up as if it was the jib. It worked quite well. Emma herself was suffering with a bad cold but she managed to do a couple of lines saying welcome to the shop. I found a few items with suitable shapes to cross fade through and that was it.

For the edit it was, as ever, all about the script which was a brief sales pitch for the shop. Emma’s bits were put in at the appropriate places and with a few titles and some original music with sleigh bells it was completed and delivered.

Spiddal Gift Shop

Looking for that last minute gift? Check out the Spiddal Gift Shop above Texaco in Spiddal and you are sure to find what you need. Galway News meets up with Emma Allen.

Posted by Galway News on Thursday, 17 December 2015
Andy Reynolds

Andy Reynolds


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