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Here at iProVid we have some interesting ideas for promoting your business. The best stories we hear back from our clients are those where the cost of the promotion pays for itself in the first week or so of a years campaign! One lady said that her €500 video paid for itself in 4 hours and she went on to use it for the whole year.


A carefully produced, planned, scripted and edited video can dramatically increase your visibility and approachability of your business with your target market. Vital questions can be answers, fears can be calmed, benefits can be shown and most importantly of all your own faces, style and personalities can be shown on screen. This will give your business an instant boost in credibility and will ensure that your front facing staff, owners or managers gain the edge with the visibility that is guaranteed with an iProVid video promotion.

You may find you have a staff member or manager who is ideal to represent your business. Nurture this talent and give them the confidence to shine for you while on camera. Often all that is needed is a few words and a nice smile, but this can make all the difference to how your video performs.


Your website should go hand in hand with your video promotion ensuring that logos, colour schemes and company statements are supporting each other. This is the time to take a look at your identity and be advised if there are any conflicts or confusions. We are looking for one name for the business, that name reflected in the website, the URL, the business cards and all across social media.

iProVid makes clean modern websites that have the additional advantage of instant update blogs with responses from your readers. We will make sure that you have the correct access to your site so that at any time you can update your special offers, articles and blogs from wherever you are without having to arrange an appointment and pay money to the wed designer to make a tweak.

Social Media

It is essential that your business has a social media profile. Facebook is the number one along with Twitter for news updates. A promotion from iProVid is designed to work seamlessly with your social media. Videos will work on Facebook and can be shared and commented on. You will find that you have thousands of views with many shares and likes. Work with us to create an effective year round campaign of fresh content, updated photos, videos and articles and reap the benefits of a high social media profile.

Your existing customers become your publicists, sharing your posts, commenting and even adding their own photos and videos. Leverage the power of social media today to benefit from the geographically targeted promotion from iProVid.

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Should I upload demo videos for clients?

I have been working on attracting new clients to iProVid with a targeted demo video for their sector of business. In face to face meetings this little video promo has worked wonders with a very high conversion rate. I think this is based on the fact that these...

Drone Footage

  Drone shots are everywhere now and here at iProVid we are pleased to add these aerial perspectives to our productions. We work with drone operators to get great shots which add a new angle especially to real estate promotions. Get in touch with us today to find out...

Galway News

Galway News is an Irish Facebook page that produces local interest news for the Galway area.  iProVid is the production service behind this. We make the video including interviews, location shooting, infographics and documentaries. The page delivers fresh videos in a...

The Guaranteed Money Maker

Sometimes it's a real pleasure delivering the final product to the client. I remember this one time when iProVid I was asked to make a promotional video for a luxury apartment in the Canary Islands. The place was a pleasure to film with a beautiful swimming pool,...

Nokshi Indian Restaurant Promotion

Towards the end of last year I did a video promotion for a lovely Indian restaurant called Nokshi which is in the town of Moycullen in Galway. They do really good food with great prices and friendly service. The shots that I filmed in the restaurant were mostly food...

New Acupuncture Website

iProVid is working on a new website for local Galway alternative health practitioner Denise Delaney who runs a clinic in the city. Denise offers acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, massage, lymphatic drainage and Chinese herbal medicine. The site brief was to be...

Christmas Pop Up Shop

Before Christmas 2015 a pop-up Christmas shop appeared upstairs at Texaco in Spiddal County Galway. This was run by Emma Allen who put together a collection of gift, decorations, art work and jewellery for the Christmas market. She made the place look very inviting...

Green Energy for Ireland

iProVid is very excited to be part of a new push to bring 100% green renewable energy to Irish homes. We can arrange savings on your home's carbon footprint. These are savings in the region of 2 tonnes of CO2 every 12 months, or the equivalent of taking one car off...

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