iProVid is very excited to be part of a new push to bring 100% green renewable energy to Irish homes. We can arrange savings on your home’s carbon footprint. These are savings in the region of 2 tonnes of CO2 every 12 months, or the equivalent of taking one car off the road for a whole year. If that was not enough this special offer will also save you money. For an average Irish family home this could be a saving of as much as €200 per year. That’s money in your pocket and the knowledge that you are saving the planet by using clean green energy.

Get in touch today and SEND US AN EMAIL to find out how you can save money. We will call you back and arrange all the paperwork, it is very simple and you can be saving money and saving the planet in less than 5 minutes! Call Andy now, on 087 351 4458 and make a positive change.