Galway News is an Irish Facebook page that produces local interest news for the Galway area.  iProVid is the production service behind this. We make the video including interviews, location shooting, infographics and documentaries. The page delivers fresh videos in a range of topics concerning the Galway area of Ireland, including cheese production on Aran, an Indian restaurant called Nokshi, a book launch, pop up shop, glass jewelry maker, charity fundraisers, the weather and more. Programs are in progress for a report about an old style house being built and possible political interviews.

iProVid works with Galway news to edit the video, record the voices, colour balance and final output. If you have a news story that concerns the Galway area why not get in touch with Galway News via their Facebook page.

In the near future we are hoping to bring the additional production value of drone footage to the Galway News programs. In addition to this iProVid will be adding an improved automated slider system for smooth shots, product presentation and better interview angles.