Sometimes it’s a real pleasure delivering the final product to the client. I remember this one time when iProVid I was asked to make a promotional video for a luxury apartment in the Canary Islands. The place was a pleasure to film with a beautiful swimming pool, tasteful bedrooms, modern kitchen and living room. I included some shots of the pool table in action plus the downstairs home cinema. After creating the original music, writing the promotional script and recording voice over it all came together in the edit to produce a very pleasing short promotional video for the property. 

When I delivered it to the client they were very happy with the final result. I then got a phone call four hours later where I was told that the entire cost of the video (which was in the region of €500) had been recouped in one additional booking for the villa. The client had a customer who was not sure whether or not they were going to book and when this customer viewed the video they went on to book their holiday.

It is these kinds of testimonial that really make it clear that multimedia promotion with video, webpage and social media presence can really focus and direct traffic and business.