Andy Reynolds

Andy Reynolds


Videographer, Multimedia Creator, Composer, Lyricist, Song-Writer and Script-Writer



Recording Studios: London, Ireland & Lanzarote

Andy Reynolds has worked at successful recording studios in London, Denmark, Ireland and Spain refining new techniques for music production, sound manipulation and composition. During this time he has several number one hit records, going on to sell multi- millions of cds with bands and singers such as N’Sync, East17 and Shane MacGowan. Now he brings that experience and expertise to the multimedia company iProVid.


Sound Design: BBC, ITV, Film Music & Themes

Andy Reynolds from iProVid works regularly with TV producers and UK composers on drama music, theme tunes and sound effects. Films and shows include the series Being Human, Newsround, Sportsround, Olympic Sport theme, Ong Bak (Thai Martial Arts Film), Dog House (UK Horror Film) and many more.


Video Production: 20 years of experience

Andy has been at the cutting edge of digital film production for twenty years. Using modern HD cameras, the best nonlinear systems and top end Apple computers iProVid not only makes you look good, but due to the nature of the most modern equipment can do this for incredibly great value budgets.


Advertising: Property Marketing in Lanzarote

iProVid has relocated from the Canary island of Lanzarote to the Galway area. While in Lanzarote the video marketing was used to great effect to sell real estate including private villas, restaurants, a hotel and even a zoo and theme park! iProVid also made video promotions for many other companies including a pet shop, swimming pool company, chemist, launderette and several restaurants.



Video Production

Your company, service or product will shine when the best aspects are shown in on iProVid production. Let iProVid make you look good.


Music Production

Music speaks to the subconscious mind. Notice how you are moved to feel emotions with music on tv adverts and movie soundtracks? iProVid does the same thing with our completely original specially composed music. This mean no copyright issues on YouTube or when used for tv slots.


Sound FX

With a long history of experience in the film tv and music business, iProVid makes sound design, custom sound fx and spot sounds to enhance the visual experience.



Whether it is warm and persuading, bright and lively, impressive and scientific or wild and wacky, the right voice actor makes your product or service stand out. iProVid works on all aspects including script writing, voice choice, recording, mixing and editing to ensure that every part of your important video is perfect.

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