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Let us tell you how we can help your business make more money. What if we told you about a way to maximize your profits, increase your turnover and make more money month after month? What if we said that, depending on your line of business, this could pay for itself completely with the first extra booking you make? And what if we guaranteed that you would be improving your image, attracting new clients who are ready to buy and convincing existing clients to continue to do business with you year after year?

What do we do?

We are iProVid and what we do is simple: We create stunning, informative and compelling video promotions which make your product look amazing. We showcase the best aspects of your company or service and concentrate on making you look your best. Using digital video, original music, scripted and pitched voice overs and compelling text and graphics we grab the attention of your customers.

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Using big budget Hollywood movie techniques, focused editing, custom music, unique voice-over and a persuasive script iProVid drives potential clients to you. They see your video, absorb your message and make the decision to give you their business. If you are in a high ticket business such as furniture, kitchens, swimming pools, car sales, holiday rentals or real estate you may find that only one extra booking per year could pay for the video! We even guarantee that our video will produce results for you. Some recent property owners using our videos to promote their holiday rentals have reported that their iProVid promotion paid for itself within four hours of delivery!

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With results like that you owe it to yourself to get in touch with us now so we can meet with you to produce your unique promotion. Call Andy today on international code +353 87 351 4458 or visit Get in touch with iProVid now, and get ready for more business.

Andy Reynolds

Andy Reynolds


Videographer, Multimedia Creator, Composer, Lyricist, Song-Writer and Script-Writer

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